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From Martin Heidegger ...@leichtgewicht.at>
Subject Re: flex breakdown
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 11:22:07 GMT
Core: Everything necessary to run with MXML/AS3/CSS, everything 
necessary to plug things together, nothing more.

On 05/04/2012 19:57, Left Right wrote:
> What is core and what is components?
> There are, as of today, several developers groups involved. One working on
> AIR SDK, another one works on the Flex SDK. These are quite distinct
> projects, they both use the compiler and related things, but other than
> that very few things in common. Compiler is a separate group too, as far as
> I could understand.
> There is a big project, which wasn't yet part of the SDK, but seems like it
> will be - the testing suite (Mustella). I'm not sure it has to be included
> with the compiler / framework by default.

I think "toolchain" might be a better section name than "compiler"?

> Documentation. If documentation will be distributed with the projects, will
> it be distributed as a single bundle for everything, or will each project
> have it's own documentation? (Very often documentation takes few times the
> size of what it documents).

The current volume of the documentation is mostly given due to 
unoptimized html output.

> Locales. If we are going for less size / more download options, possibly
> bundling with only one locale + having additional downloads with other
> locales can be a good thing.
> Do we want a minimal download? It is possible to strip a lot of things from
> SDK and still have it workable. For example, all AS sources - you don't
> need them to build projects that use Flex framework. Apache projects must
> be distributed as sources only, but no one says you can't provide binary
> package for users who can't care less about the precise wording of the
> license / don't want to build themselves (not under Apache license of
> course).

What would be minimal? ;) I think it having a separate download for each 
would be a good idea: Being able to compile stuff, being able to build 
MXML apps and being
able to use UI components gives an easy understanding of how it works.

of course beside a complete sdk download.

> Do we want to provide downloads per OS? The SDK today contains a lot of
> code / binaries that work exclusively on one OS but not the other. Users of
> any OS have to download both, which looks like a waste.

No, if we have that then it will make working in mixed teams difficult.

> Do we want to have an "installer"? Could be nice, especially to help
> resolve some basic problems the beginners might have: check for the proper
> Java, set some environmental variables, check for a bunch of other programs
> we may need to run other things like archivers, flash player.
Command line tools would be nice :)


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