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From "Michael A. Labriola" <labri...@digitalprimates.net>
Subject RE: Unit tests
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 02:19:43 GMT
>Do we have any info on how to write and run Mustella tests? Do we have access to the framework
smoke tests?

I don't think they are checked in yet, but if you were to grab the code from Adobe's SVN,
the framework smoke tests run as part of the check in target.

>I don't even know what one looks like or what the differences are from FlexUnit other
than in a general way.

They are actually really nice for this type of test, they are all written in MXML and represent
actions and wait states. They are similar in some ways to the Sequence stuff in Fluint or
FlexUnit 4 but each one can run in a unique instance of flash player so you can better test
things like styles, etc.


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