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From Aaron Miller <amil...@learnatvivid.com>
Subject RE: Why Spark? (was Re: s:Spacer (was Re: Missing Spark components))
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2012 02:59:16 GMT
> To me, that can't be true. If anything, while more verbose Spark
> is infinitely friendlier to the little guy. In mx, as soon as
> you wanted to do anything different, your only choice was to
> hire a component developer to extend/copy/rewrite these classes.
> Take for example a circular or carousel list. You can create a
> layout object for a circular list in a hundred lines of code in
> Spark. Since I did this in mx, I will let you know it's a
> thousand plus. If you wanted to change the headers of a datagrid
> in mx, several hundred lines of cut and paste plus maintaining a
> component extension version to version of framework changes. In
> Spark, you change a skin. Sorry, to me spark is verbose not
> harder, and it doesn't push anyone out. Its friendlier to
> businesses who do not have the budget or dedicated staff for
> component development.
> BTW, if the extra lines bother someone, then create a library
> calls spark basic, which does nothing but extend list and set
> the horizontal layout... then the syntax is nearly identical.
> IMO, the complaining about spark doesn't address the actual
> issue. There is nothing harder about it. It is different. The
> things I mentioned earlier in this thread have absolutely
> nothing to do with how mx or spark would be used by the average
> developer. It is all internal architecture and doing so would in
> no way affect someone who didn't want to use it.
> Mike

^^ This times a million!
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