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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Language Reference Online Materials
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 22:58:04 GMT

On 3/20/12 2:59 PM, "olegsivokon@gmail.com" <olegsivokon@gmail.com> wrote:

> I was wondering, how much and if at all, and if not this list, then who is
> responsible for the documentation pages.
Apache Flex is only responsible for documentation of classes in its
repository.  If you want to offer to maintain a documentation project for
the Adobe classes, I don't think anyone will stop you.

> So, my questions are:
> - if I find documentation related bugs, who do I tell about it? What's the
> process / who's responsible for putting stuff online / is Adobe going to
> provide aggregated documentation on projects it donated?
Adobe is responsible for classes it ships.  Same for Apache Flex.

> - What is the status of all the AIR classes, that extend framework classes?
> This is not strictly speaking a documentation issue, but, considering that
> WindowedApplication depends on mx.core.Application, which is under control
> of Apache (now / soon), how is that going to be resolved? I'm wondering in
> particular about documentation, but, obviously, there are other aspects of
> it too.
WindowedApplication is in the Apache SVN.  It was part of the initial
framework donation.

> - I'm not in favor of doing changes, if it's not absolutely needed, but
> ASDoc is a... *sigh* well, it's easier to throw away, then to fix it,
> really... I mean, of course it kind of works, but the HTML output it
> generates is of so very low quality, you want to cry, and fixing it is not
> particularly easy...
Apache is about doing.  If you don't like it, provide a new documentation
engine and convince folks to use it.

> - There was that AIR program used for aggregated documentation of all Adobe
> products. It used to include Flex framework classes. What happens to it?
> This program was / is quite *controversial* one - in a sense, no one seemed
> to like her, and as Adobe would explain, it was a result of budget cuts -
> so that documentation could be rolled out for everyone together, rather
> then every project handling it's own documentation separately. So will this
> group be responsible for integrating with that application? IIRC a lot of
> people were in favor of Eclipse integrated help. Some were making cfh
> compiles for Windows etc. because that AIR application wasn't really
> usable. So, is this group bound by any promises to keep that thing alive?
I don't know what you are talking about.  Please provide more detail.  IMHO,
Apache Flex is not responsible for any Adobe documentation format.  We can
provide our own if we want to.  Naturally, it will be easier to leverage the
ASDoc comments in the source so that will likely be the starting point.  And
again, if you don't like it, start your own documentation project.

> - Finally, there were online resources such as Flex Developer Manual, Flex
> User Manual. They were sided in a sense they discussed framework in
> connection to Flash Builder, but they are not making too many
> cross-references. Anyway, is Adobe going to keep that alive too, or is it
> under Apache jurisdiction now / soon?
Adobe is unlikely to retire any current documentation for 5 years as the
whitepaper indicated that Adobe Flex 4.6 support runs that long at a

> - Just to elaborate on this, beside the manuals themselves, there exists a
> kind of forum / user provided feedback feature with community help etc.
> It's not particularly lively forum, yet there's daily activity of about 10
> messages a day. I'm not sure about what happens to this project, who's
> taking over it etc. Any thoughts?
Again, that is an Adobe thing. Apache Flex is not obligated to replicate it.

> - Are there any ideas about what / what kind of documentation / user
> interaction is Apache going to provide to the users? Is it going to
> leverage user manuals?
We will do what our members can do.  Are you going to pitch in?

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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