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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: SDK Inclusion Process (was re: [OT] What are we doing here?)
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 17:37:47 GMT

On 3/13/12 10:12 AM, "Omar Gonzalez" <s9tpepper@apache.org> wrote:

> As an example, Tink has his layouts and containers in whiteboard. What now?
As the unit test thread is saying, we're a bit stuck right now.  What should
be happening is that Tink and others write some tests to validate that it
works and folks who actually try it and like it tell him so, report bugs,
provide patches, make suggestions, etc.

That would then give him the confidence to commit to an interim branch which
would hopefully cause more folks to look at it.  After a few more eyes are
on it, he would feel confident enough to try to commit to trunk.

IMHO, other than the tests, the rest of it can happen now and it could end
up in the patches branch if we will be using that as the interim branch.

> We have no process to take his contributions and get them in the SDK.
> Defining a process does not necessarily mean that Tink HAS to perform all
> those tasks... but _someone_ should, either other committers or the
> community so that we can put that 'official stamp' on them.
To me, with commit-then-review, each commit is official by default.  They
can go in unfinished and get improved with a series of actions by the
community and once someone feels like there is no reason to veto it, it
moves to the next branch and eventually gets released.
> Is this a bad thing? Or are we proposing that people just put in any code
> in any state into the SDK so long as the community votes it in (or some
> other procedure)?
I am proposing that folks put code in any state into their whiteboard.  The
community does not vote it in, it can only vote it out, which should almost
never happen for whiteboard commits.  I'll be paying slightly more attention
to commits to an interim branch, and more attention to commits to the trunk,
but I am going to trust that the community has vetted it more and more at
each level, and hopefully, mustella will prevent regressions.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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