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From sébastien Paturel <sebpatu.f...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: LCCS discontinued - infamous decision for Adobe clients
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 16:44:17 GMT
"A few people have popped up talking about ways around that that usually 
involve external Java libraries."
Would you have more precise infos to provide on that please? im 
interesting to know more.

Jeff message was more open minded regarding open source then that.
it says "To get the discussion started, here's some things I've looked 
at: Open Source.  We have looked at this as an option and it's simply 
not viable for a number of reasons.   There are dependancies on third 
party and Adobe code that are extremely difficult to separate out.   
Some of this code runs other services at Adobe that will continue to 
I read the following in another old thread: "and in any case the 
application has large ties with our controlling application server, that 
in turn has some ties with other Adobe services so it would need a lot 
of cleanup to make it work standalone anyway".

So i see no reason why they would not accept to donate the AS3 client 
lib code to Apache.
the issue is for server side code, but if theres only this part to 
rewrite its quite better than doing the whole from scratch.

For FMS, wowza, Red5, i know it can be done but at what price in term of 
coding efforts?
LCCS was great also because it was a high level component lib.


Le 30/03/2012 17:03, Nicholas Kwiatkowski a écrit :
> Sebastien,
> Adobe has stated that they have no intentions in donating anything to do
> with LCCS, and they are making no plans or efforts to open-source anything
> to do with LCCS.  They feel that it was a hosted ("rented") service, and
> they have no obligation to do it.  A few of us have already asked the
> questions to Adobe, and they have repeated the same line.
> There are workable solutions that you can build with other products -- FMS,
> Wowza, Red5 -- for just about everything except for the screen sharing.  A
> few people have popped up talking about ways around that that usually
> involve external Java libraries.
> Aside from writing your own client code -- installing a Red5 server in AWS
> and having it serve your content there is actually cheaper than LCCS for
> most cases.
> -Nick
> On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 9:46 AM, sébastien Paturel
> <sebpatu.flex@gmail.com>wrote:
>> @All
>> If Adobe is able to open source (at least a part of) LCCS lib like for
>> example the client side AS3 components and the FMS server side code
>> Is it a stupid idea to propose to add it to the apache flex? Maybe we
>> could replace the FMS server side dependency with a blazeDS based server
>> side (dont know at all if it makes sense)
>> and thus combining LCCS client side AS3 components (open source by Adobe,
>> dont think theres third party license issue for that part) with blazeDS
>> server side, we could get powerfull real time features all opensourced in
>> Apache. and no matter what happens to FMS in the future.
>> Maybe im dreaming a bit, but what you thing of it?
>> for example will blazeDS be donated to apache as a separated project or
>> will it be included in Apache flex?
>> because smaller project like this may not get a big enough community to be
>> a full standalone apache project, but if its included in flex powerfull
>> community it will help.
>> @Giorgo
>> sounds interresting but:
>> What is your already complete solution?
>> Where can we find infos about it?
>> What server side technology is it based on? FMS?
>> @Jitendra Jain
>> Can you please provide the quote and source of such announcement?
>> On my side i read that they will shut the service down december 31st, even
>> for existing clients.
>> And the third party license issues are expressed only as an issue about
>> the option to open source LCCS, not as a reason to stop LCCS service.
>> @gabriel
>> Yes i already checked it. But tanks.
>> I already sent an email to Jeff Stanier and am waiting for answer.
>> The quote you provide is great but its not reassuring at all.
>> Thing is they announce they will shutt all down with a fixed date, and
>> then they try to find a smooth transition solution (which will take time to
>> set up).
>> A real professionnal timeline would be more to first search for a smooth
>> transition, then announce the shut down date with the proper path to
>> continue business for existing clients.
>> After such a quote what should be my next move? Should i wait Adobe and
>> Jeff to find a smooth solution but without knowing when this solution will
>> be available, and even not knowing if it will never be available?
>> During that wait the clock is ticking and theres only 9 month to set up a
>> solution.
>> Or should i start to take a lot of unpaid time to search and test any
>> other alternative, to finally see Adobe coming with a convenient smooth
>> solution 3 month later?
>> @jain saurabh
>> Red5 or wowza or other are more low level solutions, and before getting a
>> perfectly working solution to replace high level components of LCCS it will
>> take a lot of work only to get things work as before.
>> Thanks All for you replies
>> Le 30/03/2012 14:55, Jitendra Jain a écrit :
>>   Adobe has already said that it is going to support already existing
>>> clients
>>> even after discontinuing. Moreover this decision, which they have taken is
>>> because of third party license issues.  It sounds more valid to me.
>>> On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 6:06 PM, Gabriel De Repentigny<
>>> gabriel.derepentigny@**bisonline.com<gabriel.derepentigny@bisonline.com>>
>>>   wrote:
>>>   What shoudl i do now when im a freelance and my clients app will stop
>>>>> running at the end of the year, and have no clear alternative?
>>>> If you haven't seen it already, you may want to check the LCCS forum at
>>>> Adobe. There are several threads where people are discussing LCCS
>>>> alternatives and how to transition to them.
>>>> Also, Jeff Stanier from Adobe has a thread on that topic here:
>>>> http://forums.adobe.com/**message/4277140<http://forums.adobe.com/message/4277140>
>>>> He even gives out his email address in case you want to contact him
>>>> directly and discuss your concerns (though I've no idea if that'll do any
>>>> good). Perhaps the most encouraging part of the thread is where he says:
>>>> "I hear you and Adobe hears you and we are taking a look at some other
>>>> possible options to ease your transition from LCCS. This research will
>>>> take
>>>> some time but we will work as quickly as possible."
>>>> For your sake, hopefully that means they'll find a way to either transfer
>>>> most of the LCCS technology to someone else to run it or else donate it
>>>> to
>>>> the community.

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