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From s├ębastien Paturel <sebpatu.f...@gmail.com>
Subject LCCS discontinued - infamous decision for Adobe clients
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 11:53:22 GMT
Did some of you saw the Adobe announcement of discontinuing LCCS service?
it's SaS with built in complex real time features (video conferences, 
real time messaging and events, screensharing, based on a clustered 
architecture giving a convenient  pay per use offering without you 
needing to take the server side in charge) and they will simply shut it 
down at the end of the year, giving only 9 month to find an alternative 
which does not exists yet, and whithout giving any starting point 
solution. And they already disallowed the creation of new accounts after 
the decision, making any new project based on this solution born dead.
Its not only a decision to stop further developement (it was not a beta 
version by the way).
Its not only that we have to use previous build to continue business (as 
it is the case for FLash builder Design view or flash catalyst), its 
that the product will simply stop functionning letting businesses 
running on it simply stop!

What shoudl i do now when im a freelance and my clients app will stop 
running at the end of the year, and have no clear alternative?

After all those bad communication from Adobe, now its a very bad 
decision leaving customers with only rope to hang out. (please Hobby one 
Adobe you are my only rope)

Is there any other flex dev in the list in the same situation than me?
Adobe's people from the list, how do you comment such a move?
Will they stop FMS tomorrow?

Bad communication si one thing, but shutting a service without 
alternative, making clients facing business death, is another.
Even after all previous bad events, i still gave enough trust into 
Adobe, now after this LCCS case, its totally gone for me!
How can we trust Adobe in any declaration now?
How could i choose any Adobe product after such a "we don't care of our 
clients even if our decision kill them" move?
How is it possible that Adobe did not learn a bit after the catastrophy 
of last episodes? So whats next??
How can we trust Adobe when they say that they believe in Flash player, 
Air, and Flex for the 5 or 10 next years to come at least, when they 
kill their great Flash based technology today?

Its important for Apache flex because:
- LCCS was a great third party lib for flex to very easily make real 
time functionnalities with a very clear pricing system. I think that 
real time was a big point for flex against HTML5 today.
- If Adobe is capable of such a bad decision putting clients in such a 
catastrophic situation, how can we trust Adobe for flex's runtime 
future, especially Air which need further updates, support new future 
platforms etc?
- It makes the HTML5 cross compilation a priority more than ever. (by 
the way, any news about Adobe letting community to have a look at the 
code of Falcon and FalconJS before donating it?)
- It adds (AGAIN!) a very bad trust image for freelances and agencies 
clients against Adobe's technology and flex, making even more difficult 
to support the choice against HTML5.
If a client know that their business live is at stake by choosing 
Adobe's solution (or based on it) the choice will be quite easy!


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