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From Kiel <kiel.s.sinfu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [RT] My Flex journey.
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 10:37:52 GMT
Hi Martin & Alain,

Information is Awesomeness XD.

Now I need to look for the tools...
     `Tools` to be used are of User preference. Use tools where one is 
most comfortable with.

[Current Status]
     + Java knowledge
     + ActionScript 3 knowledge
     - Tools ( Undecided )

1. What is Preferred tool (IDE) `for Flex` development?
     1.1 Does the Apache Flex community have a preferred tool?
     1.2 I'm a stingy person what are my alternatives?

2. Where to get the tools?

Thanks to both. Learned a lot today.


On 3/30/2012 4:40 PM, Martin Heidegger wrote:
> I assume you mean with "for Flex" that you want to improve the SDK:
> If you want to participate in helping with the Flex SDK then you 
> should be aware that the different systems are written in different 
> languages.
> Basic tools are a Text Editor and a Version Control system such as SVN 
> or Git and a web browser :-). If you are working with code it makes 
> your life easier if you use a IDE/Texteditor with support for the 
> particular language.
>   The compiler (that makes .swf/.swc files out of  AS3/MXML/CSS) is 
> written in Java and you need a Java Development Kit (JDK) for it. If 
> you want to improve it you need to know Java.
>   The libraries (that allow to show buttons and alike) are written in 
> ActionScript 3. You need the SDK's compiler to compile those classes. 
> There are various SDK's for ActionScript.
>   The documentation (that shows up in the generated docs) is written 
> using asdoc annotation (another java tool from the SDK) in 
> ActionScript files and those are mixed with XML files.
> Flex further uses build scripts (code that generates various parts of 
> the SDK). They are written in ANT (a java based tool, not part of the 
> SDK).
> IDE's for Java
>   Eclipse
>   IntelliJ IDEA
>   NetBeans
>   ...
> IDE's for AS3
>   FlashDevelop
>   FlashBuilder (based on Eclipse)
>   FDT (based on Eclipse)
>   IntelliJ IDEA
>   Rase (based on a IntelliJ tool)
> TextEditors with AS3 support
>   Sublime
>   Emacs
>   ...

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