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From Martin Heidegger ...@leichtgewicht.at>
Subject Re: Actionscript workers and async locking?
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2012 02:48:23 GMT
After having a deeper look at as3commons-async I think it is pretty 
unmature, however: I actually quite like the new threading API that uses 


   var serial: Async = new Async();
             .next( thread.doSomething() ) // passes the Promise from 
"thread.doSomething" to the chain and waits for the execution
             .error( handleErrorOfTheThread ) // handles a error message 
from the former thread result
             .next( loadFile("myAwesomeFile") ) // instantiates a url 
loading process and creates a Promise that it will return the File...
             .error( Async.INTERRUPT ) // Any error that happens here 
causes to interrupt the staple execution
             .handle( createGUI ) // gets the File passed on success and 
instantiates a class
             .next( animate( gui, {x: 200} ); // lets the gui slide in 
(also creates the promise that its there
             .revert( animate( gui, {x: -100} ); // to be called if the 
"Async" task was canceled for some reason
             .next( guiDone );

If all those methods would return "Promises" (Yeah, I will pass that 
file some day) then Threads could be easily integrated with other async 

wouldn't that be cool ?! ;)


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