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From Martin Heidegger ...@leichtgewicht.at>
Subject Re: Unit tests
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 17:52:43 GMT
On 14/03/2012 02:46, Alex Harui wrote:
> Well, sarcastic or not, it is a good question.
> Here's my latest thinking:  There are several pieces to mustella.
> 1) A SWC of test steps that are tags in MXML used to define the script.
> 2) A Java engine that runs tests based on command line input
> 3) An http server that captures output from the tests
> 4) A ton of test scripts
> The checkintests in the full Adobe SDK only include #1 and a few tests.  The
> don't use any bitmap compares because you need #3 to save away the baseline
> you are going to compare against.
> My current thinking is that I need to legally clear and donate all four in
> one big chunk so that:
> A) I only have to bug legal once
> B) I only have to bug the execs who have to sign off on this stuff once
> C) It is clear what tests have been written so folks don't go duplicating
> work
> D) It is easier to run a subset of tests via the command line
> I'm open to arguments that say I should try to get #1 done sooner at the
> expense of delaying #2, #3 and #4.

Just out of curiosity: It would be no problem to run a test in adl an 
capture the output there using a native extension, would it?
I am not sure how the tests are built but making a screenshot is of a 
application is not "high science" and it could be easier to setup
a browser/server/etc stuff.


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