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From Brent Arnold <br...@brentarnold.com>
Subject Re: API for reflection
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2012 16:59:40 GMT
I believe the purpose of this mailing list and project is to allow for 
lazy consensus on additions/updates to the Apache Flex SDK.

I don't think there's anything wrong with people suggesting 
changes/updates/additions, they just need to back it up with code so the 
community can act on it. So if you are a project committer, or convince 
one to commit it for you, people can vote and discuss.

Brent "not a committer" Arnold

On 3/7/12 9:52 AM, Omar Gonzalez wrote:
>> The main focus is to supplement the missing components in the spark?
>> Att
>> --
>> Stefan Horochovec
>> Software Engineer
>> Blog: http://www.horochovec.com.br/
>> Twitter: http://twitter.com/horochovec
> The main focus is to continue to move the Flex SDK forward, Spark, MX and
> future versions and architecture.
> There really wouldn't be any benefit to bringing those reflection APIs into
> the Flex SDK. Now, if you could petition and convince Adobe themselves to
> support the as3commons reflection libraries natively in AS3 that could
> speed them up and have real improvements. However, this mailing list is for
> Flex SDK development and is not directly affiliated with Adobe in regards
> to the Flash Player. I would post your suggestion on their Adobe Ideas
> site, but you should think of use cases that relate particularly to Gaming
> and Video if you want Adobe to pay any attention.
> Just my two cents.

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