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From sébastien Paturel <sebpatu.f...@gmail.com>
Subject Summary of all ML discussions in wiki - was: (Re: Why Spark? (was Re: s:Spacer (was Re: Missing Spark components)))
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2012 11:59:18 GMT
Ok thanks.
But i dont feel that this wiki page reflects the heavy number of 
discussion subjects already seen in ML so far.
A kind of summary of discussions, list of the point of views and 
arguments as a conclusion, would be very usefull.
And if users could vote for it to show their interest would be great too.

It could be a very powerfull community tool here, aside the ML which is 
hard to follow for everyone. And users dont need to get the whole 
discussion but only conclusions, before giving their opinion about the 
need of a feature or update and its priority level, and even their will 
to participate to their implementation.
If a user wants to go deeply in the discussion he still can go back to 
ML, and the wiki subject can be updated.

The more we wait for such a summary, the more it will be hard to not 
loose interesting discussions from the so active ML.
It would also be usefull for new ML users, to not launch a discussion 
that has already been heavely discussed before.

I think the wiki section "Random Thoughts" is more relevant for that 
purpose. But again theres not much in it.
- how can i add a wiki page (as a simple user)?
- am i sure that the decision board will chek this page frequently for 
the roadmap decisions? (be sure i dont 'preach in the desert')

i say ' i ' but i mean any user launching a discussion in the ML.

Le 04/03/2012 13:39, almansour belleh blanco a écrit :
>> By the way, where can we find the results of every ideas that decision
> board has put aside for later votes, after all those rich discussions from
> ML?
> You can find it in the wiki, in the section decisions so far

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