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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: While we're waiting for Mustella
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 05:55:14 GMT

> ComponentSmoke is obsolete.
Sure when Mustella gets donated.

> MXUnit will probably not get donated.
We can probably use FlexUnit in it place I think. (Not that I've tried.)

>  Mustella is supposed to replace it. Please do not proliferate any tests using MXUnit.

Currently we don't have any easy way to test the framework. Some form of testing would help
I think.

>  but the patterns in BasicTests are not what you will see in the rest of the mustella

I assume the Mustella donation is likely to be several months away at this point? If we originally
knew it would take this long to get Mustella donated we probably would of come up with a way
of testing some other way of the framework by now. 

Having some way of testing the framework (even if that is an "obsolete" way) is essential
so that we can test patches etc. The testing framework in the Open Source SDK seems to fill
that need right at this moment. Sure it's not perfect and new tests would probably need to
be discarded/converted when Mustella is donated but is that such a big issue? In it's current
form it can give some confidence that changes won't break the framework (especially in conjunction
with flex unit test). That seems rather useful to me.

I'm certainly open to any other suggestions you have on how to test the framework. 

Would it be possible to provide some Mustella documentation or test "samples" before the full
donation so we know what to expect? Only if it doesn't cause any delays to the donation process
of course.


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