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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: [OT] What are we doing here?
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 23:41:39 GMT

> We probably need a list of requirements, such as does it have ASDoc, comments, unit tests,
> tests, etc.

Here's a list I've been working on - it still needs more work.

1. Does the submitted code fill a need for users of the SDK?
Could the code better exist as an optional component? Ask yourself does it need to be part
of the SDK at all?

2. Can the code be legally donated?
Any there any IP issues with the code? eg If it was contributed by a full time employee do
you have permission to donation the code?
Has the contributor signed a CLR?

3. Is it backward compatible with the existing SDK.
If not what are the reasons and is there a clear well documented migration path?

4. Has the code been reviewed?
Is the code at least the same quality as existing code in the SDK?
Has feedback been provided on the mailing list?
Have any outstanding concerns or issues been resolved?
Has a consensus been reached?
Any outstanding structural or architectural issues? Have these been documented?

5. Are there any performance issues with the code?
Is performance measurably better or worse?

6. Is the code formatted according to the Flex SDK code style?
Do all files have the Apache header?

7. Are all of the properties and methods documented in same way as methods and properties
in the Flex SDK?
Can ASdocs be generated from the code?

6. Can the classes be easily extended if needed?

5. Does the code work on desktop, browser and mobile?

8. Are there working examples showing how the code can be used?

9. Is the code fully unit tested and can those tests be easily run?

10. Have all locale and globalisation issues been addressed?
Has the code been localised to the standard set of Flex SDK locales?

12. Do the class names and name spaces fit in with the he existing SDK?
Should the code use an existing package name or a new package name?
What framework project should the code be added to?

13. Have the manifest and build scrips been updated?

Probably need something added about accessibility, events, styles and skins to the above.

What do we put for Flash player and Flex version  numbers in method headers? Do with go with
10.2 and Apache Flex 4.8 or something else?


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