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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject New PostCodeValidator and PostCodeFormatter classes
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 06:21:58 GMT

Just an update on where we are with the PostCodeValidator and PostCodeFormatter classes. The
some outstanding questions at the end of this email you can skip to.

Compared to the existing components these components.
1. Supports a wide range of postcode  formats both numeric and alpha numeric
2. Provide convenience functions to obtain formats for common locales
3. Provides a  mechanism for user defined validation
4. Supports fullwidth characters (as it uses flash.globization classes for string comparisons)
5. Easier to extend (although less need to do so as they are more flexible)

Code has been:
1. Reviewed by a couple of people on the list and code has been updated based on those reviews.
There are some architectural changes that could be made but they they would probably have
to be made to all Validators. It easier to keep the style in line with the other validators
for now (IMO).
2. Generates nice ASdocs.
3. Working examples has been provided.
4. Code is unit tested including fullwidth characters (although could do with some alpha fullwidth
character tests)
5. Code is better quality than existing ZipCode validator components (IMO). Like all code
there is room for improvement and anyone can submit patches etc to do this.

Still outstanding:
1. Any other feedback on code is welcome.
2. The generated ASdocs need a review.
3. Add some simple examples to the generated AS docs.
4. Alpha fullwidth character tests. Anyone want to help out here?
5. Format code via flex formatter (or the like) to ensure it follows Adobe style.

Anything missing from this list? Or anything that people would like to see?

Next steps/Questions:

1. Decide on if this component should be added to the SDK.

How do we go about this? Would it require a vote or should I just check it in once all the
above is done?  As we are still waiting on donation of code from Adobe it would be checked
into the patches branch not the trunk if and when if it is checked in.

2. If so what name space?

While they are more in the style of mx validator they do use flash.globilisation classes like
spark validation classes (although not in exactly the same way)  and work fine with spark
components (see example) or do we go for the new apache.flex.validators namespace? I'm leaning
toward mx.validators which is reflected in the current code. 

3. Where should unit tests live in the current SDK framework structure?

4. Should the old Zip validator/formatter be marked as "deprecated'?

Anyone have any views or opinions on the above?

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