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From "Jeff Tapper" <j...@spoon.as>
Subject RE: minor Validator improvment
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 13:23:36 GMT

This is a good example where method overloading would come in handy. But
since we don't have that what about just adding Validator.validateAll2();
which would return a Vector.<ValidationResultEvent>? I don't think we should
change the input from Array to Vector type though, unless there's a way to
declare a Vector in MXML. Declaring an Array in MXML and setting up
validators in MXML that use bindings is convenient and I would use that with
Validator.validateAll2(); in my form validations.

I'm fine with the idea of a new method, but we need a more descriptive name
than valiateAll2.  Any thoughts on a better name?

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