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From "Glenn Williams" <i...@tinylion.co.uk>
Subject RE: [OT] What are we doing here?
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 11:10:23 GMT
I know this has nothing to do with the original
discussion, which actually summed my position
quite well too

Every time there is a new component or code from
Tink, I ALWAYs just add it to my sdk base as start
using it right away. I trust it that much.

The process we are at the beginning of is going to
be long and frustrating for sure.

The problem with that, as stated in the original
post is that while we all strive to get things
moving the world outside continues to move on
without us (sort of). 
What worries me is how are we going to start
making those who will sign our pay cheques see
that Flex is already a (the only) viable choice
for many applications?
How can we start to turn the tide of negative
feeling against us?

We can write all the blog posts we like but the
people in management don't read dev blogs, and
don't know or care what we are doing here.

In the last 8 months Ive gone from a successful
bespoke application developer with a bank of happy
clients to being a person who spends quiet a lot
of time dealing with questions from those same
clients asking me why Ive knowingly sold them
solutions based on 'depreciated' technology. 

All we can do is keep doing what we're doing and
hope that collectively we can prove them wrong.


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From: Tink [mailto:flex@tink.ws ] 
Sent: 12 March 2012 23:12
To: flex-dev@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Re: [OT] What are we doing here?

On 12 Mar 2012, at 22:57, Justin Mclean wrote:
>> Tink's layouts have been around forever, been
used by quite a bit of 
>> the Flex community and, I feel, fill a need in
the SDK but remain in 
>> his whiteboard. Why?
> Perhaps he feels that are not ready yet or that
they need more 
> testing? But that doesn't stop people from using

There's been little interest in the layouts and
navigator stuff on  
this list TBH.

There's quite a bit of code there so I understand
it takes a lot of  
commitment to trail through the code and
understand it.

I'll just keep committing stuff and open sourcing
it via github and my  
blog as well and and see what happens here. Maybe
I'm just not  
familiar enough with he process here to push them


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