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From Marcus Fritze <marcus.fri...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: Apache Flex logo colors
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 12:15:53 GMT
First of all, thanks again for the awesome work!

The new version with the 4 colors looks great!!! I wouldn't be worried about, that the new
logo looks like the windows logo / google logo / or any other logo. The flex logo has a completely
different shape and the colors are a little bit different (because of the shadows).

+4 for the 4 colored version
+1 for the orange version (because the contrast to the dark blue color of the font works perfect)



Am 02.02.2012 um 12:39 schrieb Tomasz MaciÄ…g | Fuse Collective:

> Most of you didn't want major changes to the logo so we (meaning Fuse Collective team)
decided to focus on colors and select right typography.
> We were thinking about colors and what someone form community wrote that Apache Flex
logo will be used often in co-branding situations and we had pretty nice idea.
> What if we give more flexibility when using logo in different scenarios by allowing to
use it in 4 different colors? After we created a lot of different color version we selected
4 that looked the best. Then we combined them in one with really great result (in our opinion
of course)
> Check out the result by clicking links below. First two are presenting what we think
should be the main logo, the third one have 4 different color versions that can be used as
a valid option for co-branding scenarios (when the main logo is no fit).
> http://www.fusecollective.com/apache-flex/apache_flex_black_bg.jpg
> http://www.fusecollective.com/apache-flex/apache_flex_white_bg.jpg
> http://www.fusecollective.com/apache-flex/apache_flex_colors.jpg
> Colors have their meanings so we could easily give a pretty good ideology behind those
4 colors
> Blue - corporate color, secure, importance, confidence, intelligence, stability, trust,
integrity (those represents corporate use cases)
> Red - power, energy, speed, strength, intense, passion, attention (those represents core
> Green - growth, vitality, reliability, dependability (those represents core values)
> Orange - energetic, excitement, enthusiasm, sociable, optimistic, enthusiastic, independent
(those represents our community)
> Although we didn't thought of this while creating this is nice ideology and it really
> One could argue that colors are similar to those used in Google Chrome logo but so what?
MS Windows used similar schema long time ago and Google used them anyway.
> At this point I don't think another voting is necessary. Everyone could just express
their feelings and PPMC members should decide what to do next (either select one color version
or support our vision)
> Let me know what you think.
> P.S After we made decision about final logo I post about what additional materials we'll
be creating and when you can expect them.
> Please cloud someone form PPMC change my name on home page and contest page to Adrian
Knopik. Or maybe this will be problem until Adrian will officially submit the logo?
> I'm asking because I've already saw a blog post somewhere about new logo and I was described
as creator...

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