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From "Michael A. Labriola" <labri...@digitalprimates.net>
Subject RE: Component creation workflow
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 15:29:34 GMT
>I find that approach a little bit too gun-slinger in the wild-west.  If this was just an
application, I wouldn't see as much of a point for component specification.  >However,
this is an SDK.  More developers are interested in our component specifications than just
those who want to check out the apache code.  We have strong >backwards-compatibility requirements,
and having a wiki where the API proposal is clearly laid out with possible issues makes sense
to me.  Of course one of the >main reasons I favor this approach is just that personally
I find it extremely hard to follow the discussions on an email thread.

I think my bigger point is that you can write all of the specifications you would like and
that can be part of the process. No objection there. However, if someone contributes a working
component without any of this work, or that runs contrary to this work, and yet it still meets
the requirements for the project as a whole, I would vote for it.

What you are proposing is what I wanted to do with Spoon. In that environment and in that
direction I agreed with it. To me though, Apache is a bit more wild-west, however, it is the
belief that order and direction comes from that chaos. Further, it often takes less time to
write code, see the real issues and argue about the actual lines of code than argue about
a theoretical specification. 

I am currently changing the compiler in ways that will likely take 3 years off Alex's life
when he sees it. Its not that I expect all of these things to pass muster, but we have been
arguing about them theoretically for years. I cant wait to have the arguments when we can
test the code. Test the performance. Verify the functionality and demo the approach.


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