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From "Michael A. Labriola" <labri...@digitalprimates.net>
Subject RE: [RT] Recommendation Unit-Test System?
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2012 19:05:17 GMT
>I'd much prefer if this discussion can happen here so that others can learn how such a
donation would work.
>However, feel free to ping me and/or other mentors directly or via the flex-private list
if some parts of this discussion need to be private.

Works for me. The project is MIT license. All contributors to the project have signed a contributor
license (same agreement as the Adobe Flex SDK contributors signed). We have all of those contributor
agreements available digitally. The code exists today in GIT. In consists primarily of ActionScript
code, with some Java for the continuous integration aspects.

FlexUnit 4.x, much like JUnit 4.x, wraps multiple runners to ensure that different types of
test runners can be written. The projects includes many of its own runners, but also includes
a runner for the original FlexUnit .9, which means there is a dependency on that older code
at the moment and we will need to discuss that and its licensing. It also allows Fluint (an
integration testing framework I also wrote, also MIT) test to be run, causing a dependency

Further, it can be compiled one of two ways. In one mode (ActionScript Only) other than those
mentioned it has no dependencies on any code outside of the Flash Player core libraries, and
perhaps a transient dependency right now on hamcrest-as3, but that can be easily resolved
before committing. In the second method, it has dependencies on some Flex framework classes
as well, but makes testing of Flex slightly easier. I think we will need to do a small amount
of refactoring if tests were going to be included with the Flex framework directly so that
we don't have a circular dependency. Happy to do that work.

So, basically, tell me what next steps you think I should take and I will do so.


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