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From Humberto Sanchez II <hsanche...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Adobe might think of open-sourcing the Design View if there is sufficient interest
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 11:34:03 GMT
+1 here.  I would be willing to spend some time on the DV code.


On 2/22/12 4:03 AM, "Dimitri k." <koro@noos.fr> wrote:

>After the discussion on the ML about the Design View, I thought it would
>a good idea to ask Deepa at the Flex Paris meeting if Adobe could
>to open-source it after the removal from next version of Flash Builder.
>Frédéric Thomas, also on the ML, was quicker than me and ask Deepa about
>She said that Adobe hasn't thought about it because they didn't believe
>were interested, but she was thinking it could be a good idea.
>In fact, the Design View is a Flex app, so the community can easily
>contribute to it, and legal scrubbing should not be such a drag.
>She concluded that the best thing to make it happen would be to show
>interrest for the open-sourcing of DV on this list.
>I know that lots of people don't care about the Design View (I rarely use
>myself), but here are 4 reasons I think it could be a good move for
>- DV is a great tool to understand the MXML paradigm, particularly for
>people coming for a Flash Pro background (timeline+stage), and its
>would increase the barrier of entry to Flex.
>- I heard several times about devs for which the DV is central to their
>workflow. It's often the case for heavy form-based application, where
>standard Flex components are use exclusively and the Design View help
>avoiding "design re-compilation".
>In fact, I was told by an Adobe enterprise evangelist that he sold Flex
>some big companies mainly because of the Design View and the ease they
>in it to train their employees.
>- DV can be really helpful when designing Mobile apps, because you can
>quickly your design with different resolutions and orientations
>- If we have access to the Design View code, maybe we could improve it in
>way that even current Design View haters would use it ;)
>Dimitri K. 

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