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From JP Bader ...@zavteq.com>
Subject Re: [RT]Flex Camps
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 14:36:46 GMT
In Chicago I guess we've been a bit more proactive.  Every 6 months we
get to give away some software from Adobe (generally the CS package
has been the favorite).  For the upcoming Flex tour, we will get some
cash as well.  However, we have almost never looked to Adobe as a
source for funding, instead relying on a lot of outside sponsorship,
local Flex shops, recruiters, etc.  The Flex ecosystem has always felt
and seemed much bigger than Adobe, so we never relied on them for
assistance.  Just getting to know the big clients in the area, and
getting them on board with some sponsorship always helps.  Spoon
hopefully will be able to assist us in marketing the virtues and
strengths of Flex, and who knows, maybe there should be a 360Spoon


On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 12:56 AM, Omar Gonzalez
<omarg.developer@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 10:36 PM, Keith Sutton <keith@spoon.as> wrote:
>> James,
>> Digging through groups.adobe.com I found this guideline:
>> http://groups.adobe.com/group/**466 <http://groups.adobe.com/group/466>
>> What I am trying to develop is what life will be like without Adobe $ or
>> presenters around in the not too distant future (months not years). I know
>> from people inside that the community team barely exists now and little if
>> any funding is being put forward for events. This might change for a short
>> period but I believe that will only last as long as it takes to ride out
>> the storm created by their PR nightmare.
> Nothing is going to change. In the 2+ years I've been running LAFlash I
> have received funds from Adobe once, for $200. That's pretty pathetic to be
> quite honest. I received far more than that from sponsors my co-manager
> arranged on our own. And shwag... I mean really... I couldn't give it away.
> I literally would put it out in front of everyone and say "Please take this
> stuff.", and they would laugh. So, in my humble opinion, it will not be
> missed. At the least, LAFlash does not rely on or miss any funding from
> Adobe.
> And in regard to speakers, pretty much the same thing. I think we've had
> maybe one person and that was around the CS5 launch, the same event I
> received $200 of funding to throw a CS5 party.
>> My experience in the past has been getting $ from Adobe for camps that did
>> not sync-up with some marketing campaign they we executing. From experience
>> it was not that easy to get things and having been involved with organizing
>> camps in San Francisco it was difficult (amazing but true).
>> I can see an organization like Spoon acting in a role similar to Eclipse
>> Foundation and through subscriptions and other fund raising mechanism
>> generate enough to support several camps and events a year. That will take
>> a little time to get going. Easier stuff is to provide a communications and
>> marketing venue to connect with potential event sponsors (ecosystem
>> partners, system integrators, ...), streaming, event announcement support,
>> etc. Guidelines for events would probably specify a certain amount of Flex
>> content, topics, etc.
>> What are your ideas on guidelines? I am interested particularly because
>> you are outside North America.
>> Keith
> Whatever you can do, Keith, in this area would be truly awesome for user
> groups. I don't think the bar is set too high for providing good support to
> Flex user groups, but that's just my opinion after running a UG for a
> couple of years.
> -omar

JP Bader
Zavteq, Inc.
@lordB8r | jp@zavteq.com

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