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From almansour belleh blanco <zabouzamomo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [gosh] Goshhawk language choices and more [Was: Adobe / Apache / Spoon Flex Tour]
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2012 23:49:10 GMT
2012/2/20 Left Right <olegsivokon@gmail.com>
> Following the series of successful personal insults...
> I kind of like your reaction to the language choice... sort of Homer
> Simpson answer, sorry :)
> There is no correspondence between the time the language was invented, and
> how wisely it was designed. COBOL and Java are examples of human stupidity
> propagated to the extent of absurdity... While C is a nice small language,
> which actually is very much consistent with itself and logical (unlike the
> bigger brother - C++).

C++ can be logical as well, never blame the tools. The JVM is written
in C++ btw. As a matter of fact, C++ adds many things that were not
available in C.

> After all, don't you have a soul, an actual programming soul that demands a
> fang-shui,

Isn't it feng-shu? ;)

Mansour Blanco
Software engineer
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