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From filippo dipisa <fili...@dipisa.net>
Subject Re: [discussion]Thoughts on immediate future of Flex
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 17:38:47 GMT
On 3 February 2012 17:24, Rui Silva <flex@rduartes.net> wrote:

> > From: "filippo dipisa" <filippo@dipisa.net>
> >
> > 1)My problem is, if you have to start a greenfield project web based,
> would
> > you use Flex or go for another RIA solution like GWT that already
> targets
> > html5?
> Flex

Correct answer :)
In the past we tried GWT but was too painfull and we had to rollback to Flex

> > 2)If you start a client(desktop)/server project should you use Scala and
> > JavaFx( that now you can use also in Swing applications) or Flex and
> Air?
> > At the moment few people is using JavaFx but could become popular
> because
> > you can use it with Scala and Swing applications, boths are very popular
> > into the enterprise development.
> Flex and AIR
Where we can we use both. But we had expirence where Swing was prefered
because multithread and support fully and proper socket programming ( like
anonymous SSL, cyphers, etc )
Using native AIr libs or merapi was like hacking all the time

> > 3)If you want to start a mobile or webtv project should we use Flex or
> > Android?
> Flex (possibly with AIR)
If it is for UI based mobile app I agree, but when you have to develop a
game with many animated objects on the screen we had problems and we moved
away from it.

> > Filippo
> For me, using Flex is not about deployment. It's about ease of use and
> rapid development.

I totally agree. I had to say that I used also the buggy Falsh Catalyst
that probably nobody used,
but it saves a lot of time when you have to build skins.

> The fact that it deploys to a widely available platform is a great bonus,
> but I'd be just as happy if it would compile to HTML5 or Java or [insert
> your favorite runtime here].

I agree. The main targets should be Java ( including Fx ), HTML5 and
probably Android
that is spreading everywhere

> That's what makes it different from other technologies and that's what
> should be the focus of the people that would point their attention to the
> framework.
> Others might focus on the compilers and allow Flex to be deployed to
> different runtimes, but for me these are very different ball games (maybe
> not so clearly cut, but I think there's a clear separation line).

There is already another language trying to do the same.
It is a functional language calle HAXE and has already the Flashplayer and
HTML5 and Java ( coming ) as target.

> Rui

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