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From Arturo Alvarado <art...@centraldcom.com>
Subject Re: Can Adobe kill Apache Flex
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 20:37:39 GMT

From: "Charles Monteiro" <charles@monteirosfusion.com>
> thanks for the input, let me put it another way. Adobe can change the
> runtime anytime they want. They have not made the runtime code accessible
> to the Apache Flex project. Its within the realm of possibility that they
> can change something in the runtime that breaks for example current Flex
> 4.6 apps. Since you don't have the runtime code accessible how will you go
> about fixing the issue.

Yes, and so can Intel decide to make a new processor line that breaks all versions of Windows
and MacOS.

Even if you had access to the runtime code, browser vendors could choose to block it.

Many thing CAN happen, however, what you are suggesting is unlikely.  

If you are looking for an 100% guarantee solution, nothing is guaranteed.  It's almost as
likely as Apple deciding at any point to make Objective C apps no longer compatible with IOS
devices, and "force" developers to use, ILang (I'll copyright that one).  

Arturo Alvarado

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