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From "Rui Silva" <f...@rduartes.net>
Subject re: [discussion]Thoughts on immediate future of Flex
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 17:24:15 GMT
> From: "filippo dipisa" <filippo@dipisa.net>
> 1)My problem is, if you have to start a greenfield project web based, 
> you use Flex or go for another RIA solution like GWT that already 
> html5?


> 2)If you start a client(desktop)/server project should you use Scala and
> JavaFx( that now you can use also in Swing applications) or Flex and 
> At the moment few people is using JavaFx but could become popular 
> you can use it with Scala and Swing applications, boths are very popular
> into the enterprise development.

Flex and AIR

> 3)If you want to start a mobile or webtv project should we use Flex or
> Android?

Flex (possibly with AIR)

> Filippo 

For me, using Flex is not about deployment. It's about ease of use and 
rapid development.

The fact that it deploys to a widely available platform is a great bonus, 
but I'd be just as happy if it would compile to HTML5 or Java or [insert 
your favorite runtime here]. 

That's what makes it different from other technologies and that's what 
should be the focus of the people that would point their attention to the 

Others might focus on the compilers and allow Flex to be deployed to 
different runtimes, but for me these are very different ball games (maybe 
not so clearly cut, but I think there's a clear separation line).


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