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From "Rui Silva" <f...@rduartes.net>
Subject Re: will ever adobe give the flashplayer to the opensource comunity
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 13:38:29 GMT
Hi Filippo,

-------- Original Message --------
> From: "filippo dipisa" <filippo@dipisa.net>
> Many thanks.
> Do you know if anyone started to think about a new runtime for 
> or flex not dependant to Adobe or FP and opensource?

I don't think that we should go down the route of creating another VM just 
to be able to use an open sourced runtime with Flex. In my opinion, we 
should evaluate existing runtime environments, open or closed, based on 
their installation base and feature set. Creating a new one and expecting 
it to reach the penetration of the Flash Player, Java or HTML5 is too much, 
I think.

A bit of warning: This is just my position. In reality there's nothing 
keeping anyone from building a new runtime for Flex and make the necessary 
changes to the compilers so that they output to it.


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