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From "Rui Silva" <f...@rduartes.net>
Subject Adequate list behavior and tone
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 11:05:59 GMT

> From: "Dave Fisher" <dave2wave@comcast.net>
> I was looking to say similar. Here is a useful link. 
> Regards,
> Dave 

I was actually going to respond to David on the weekend with about the same 
concerns especially in consideration for all the people that may come in at 
any point and see less than polite messaging in the list. We have the added 
advantage of starting to learn David's usual tone and not give too much 
weight to it, but the newcomers don't and seeing such wording will 
certainly scare off a lot of very valid contributors that wouldn't want to 
risk having themselves ordered to "shut up" or "boil their heads".

The link Dave listed above is very interesting and I think all should give 
it a thorough read and act accordingly. If we cannot relate as humans in a 
positive and constructive manner, what's the point of investing in 

As I said a number of times before I will not engage in any message thread 
whose tone starts to go south and that decision may prevent me, or others 
who may take the same course of action, to contribute to otherwise 
interesting subjects and initiatives. The most important fact about Apache 
Flex is not the technology, the compiler or even the framework, but its 
community and building that community is, IMO, the first thing this project 
should work on. We should be attracting contributors by providing them a 
growing ground for their ideas, not making them scared of sharing them 
because of derisive remarks. 

And that's all I will say about this subject.


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