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From Jeffry Houser <jef...@dot-com-it.com>
Subject Re: Component creation workflow
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 02:49:13 GMT
On 2/28/2012 6:56 PM, Daniel Reicher wrote:
>      I agree with Alex on this one.  Now we may want to vet APIs
>     before they get into the main SDK / release and that is what the
>     voting process is for.  But, I wouldn't force anyone into a
>     pre-discussion before they start building anything.  I want them
>     to build it for what they need, donate it, and then we can figure
>     out if it needs to be tweaked or whatever.
> Who said anything about "force"? I don't think anyone should be forced 
> to do anything before coding and one path to inclusion should 
> certainly be - "let coders code" and the community can figure out what 
> to do with it later. That said, why preclude other paths?

  The understanding was that we should set up policies and procedures on 
"how to do stuff" and vet them before anything is done.  I disagree with 
that sentiment.

> I've read through discussions about every bit of minutia and every 
> "pie in the sky" idea for Flex going forward, so I'm not fully 
> understanding the resistance to having a path for building a component 
> with a deliberate goal in mind that serves the needs of the overall 
> community and not just my needs. It, frankly, seems entirely too 
> arbitrary for my tastes.

   I believe it is very arbitrary.  It also strikes me as the Apache way.

> If I, as a developer, want to contribute to the community what is 
> wrong with asking the community for some direction and codifying the 
> results of that discussion so that there is at least an attempt to 
> standardize things work "as expected" for the vast majority of Flex 
> developers who have never and will never look at the underlying source 
> code

  Absolutely nothing is wrong.  I would encourage it.  But, it isn't the 
only way.

> I've built many components to suit my own needs or scratch my own 
> itch. They work fine in that context. In order to elevate them to use 
> by the greater community would require an additional magnitude of work
  Understood; that is the "joy" of trying to make a business as a 
component developer.  In order to bullet proof things and optimize them 
for reuse; it takes significantly longer to build than something with a 
very strict use case.

> I think there should be a barrier to entry for adding new components 
> to the SDK:

  There should be a barrier to entry for adding thing into a component 
release.  That is the voting process.
  There should be no barrier to donating something to Apache Flex; and 
anyone should be able to donate any code via Jira (or if they're a 
committer; via a Whiteboard in the SVN repository).

> Absent any goal or even direction who determines if these things are 
> met? You? Me? Put it to a vote?
  It is put to a vote before any code is added to a release and any of 
the PPMC members will vote on it.

Jeffry Houser
Technical Entrepreneur
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