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From Martin Heidegger ...@leichtgewicht.at>
Subject Re: Flex -> HTML, Linux and time to say goodbye?
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 16:44:55 GMT
On 28/02/2012 01:18, David Arno wrote:
> Spot on John, thanks. The focus of some folk here is to improve the 
> Flex framework and to continue to develop it as a something that 
> relies on the flash player. Their purpose here seems clear to me. 
> Others, like myself, are here because we want to continue using Flex, 
> but don't want to target the flash player. I have finally started 
> asking myself " is it the right place to invest resources?" I was 
> hoping to engage others that likewise hoped to target HTML in a 
> discussion on whether it is a good idea or not as our presence here 
> seems less clear to me. Aside from being accused of spreading FUD and 
> being told to leave, most of the "responses" has been just a 
> discussion over RSLs, which have nothing to do with the thread really. 
> Ho hum. David. 

Hello David,

It is awesome that you want HTML5 targeting for Flex. Other persons on 
the list(like me) do not try that but you shouldn't mistake that for 
not-support. There are other things just as important (like having it 
tested and cleaned out) and I think if you were to start a discussion 
about possible solutions to obvious problems then the discussion could 
go very well in a direction that you'd like

I like Flex because it has a simple configuration model (mxml) the 
configuration model is up until now one of the best I have seen 
(specially comparing it to other ones in the Java world). Binding, 
styling and State handling are also nice things. Internationalization 
and modularization are also awesome. All those things are NOT depending 
runtime. 99% of it is raw code. Very few is actually Flash Player 
specific - conceptually: Just when it comes to UserInterface things get 
tricky. Everything "not in the userinterface" can now be used "just 
fine" using redtamarin on linux and its like Nicolas says: 80% of a 
language can easily be implemented in a new compiler. Big parts of the 
code - many concepts. Now: I could bet you can find similar things in 
HTML/JavaScript frameworks but they also have bugs and problems. I think 
porting it to haXe (one way to achieve that) is the wrong one: Because 
the language isn't the same. Developers know and like ActionScript and 
haXe is just a the tiny bit too different. But that is my opinion and I 
am happy if you can proof me wrong and start a "port to haXe" thread -> 


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