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From Martin Heidegger ...@leichtgewicht.at>
Subject Re: [IDEAS] Flex: New user interface design
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2012 18:52:30 GMT
On 26/02/2012 03:11, David Francis Buhler wrote:
> My own personal preference would be to remove the current themes (both MX
> and Spark) from the SDK. This includes the Cobalt theme, Zen theme, etc. I
> would stick with the "Wireframe" theme for Spark controls.

Not remove: extract to a public component and theme repository. ;)

> In doing so, we remove the obvious visual impression of a "Flex Application", and
> encourage the use of Flex/AIR apps that look like part of their native
> environment (FaceBook, Android, iOS, Windows 8, etc.). Most developers take
> short-cuts and use one of the existing themes when building a product for
> their client, and unintentionally give the impression of a hodgepodge of
> technologies that prevent the impression of product cohesion. Removing the
> Cobalt theme, Zen theme, and other themes would discourage this practice of
> use-what-i-found.

Many people use a framework because it gives immediate results. I think 
its an awesome
and important place to start from. That being said: the current things 
you get when you use Flex are
rusty. They used to look good some years ago. Time passed and fresh 
designs are very in need.
Also a "button" is and a "datagrid" are nice things. But it wouldn't 
hurt to have tools for more
custom designs available too.

> If companies have designers, they're better off with a tool like Martin
> suggests then they are with existing Themes. Moreover, the existing themes
> confuse designers (with the MX and Spark namespaces, the inability to
> understand each and every style property, or the overwhelming number of
> properties available). If companies don't have designers, they're better
> off sticking with Wireframe theme until they do.

i think I never thought so strict. But you are right: The properties are 
overwhelming indeed.

> Incidentally, I'd love to see a tool that generates themes from a
> user-defined base color, with the palette generation of complimentary,
> monochromatic or triad colors, similar to Kuler.
Kuler is nice, somehow I like colorschemedesigner [1] more, but anyways: 
I like the thought
of defining things by "scheme" rather than "concrete". Contrast levels 
etc. Sure opens some
nice possibilities - worth investigating?


[1] http://colorschemedesigner.com/

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