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From Martin Heidegger ...@leichtgewicht.at>
Subject Re: [CODE] Short cleanup
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 18:38:33 GMT

> We don't have to test since there is an include.

The include just makes sure that the class has a different hash at every 
release. This hash does not get checked
for swcs or runtime loading - I just reconfirmed that. Compiler as well 
as flash.display.Loader ignore the hash and the version
number. All it can be used for is see if the name of the loaded class is 
in-fact of a specific version. And that is only helps
if you look carefully in the debugger.

Not too helpful imho.
>> All those version numbers are noise that bloats the swf size,
>> documentation and API and results
>> in maintenance.
> Remember, the string is in the constant pool, so it is one class trait entry
> per class.

Still... how many classes are in the flex sdk? They are of the namespace 
mx_internal: accessible from everywhere with
the right prefix. They also shine up in describeType. I think "noise" is 
a good summary.

>> In the compile process the compiler could lookup each dependency of
>> different swcs. If they have the same
>> md5 hash he just uses the first one. If the md5 hashes differ it checks
>> if the version compatibility (if available).
> I think I still care about mismatches when loading SWFs as well, so not just
> compile time.

As the FlashPlayer doesn't support this kind of mechanism I suppose just 
a sophisticated Loader
could provide this functionality but that would definitely cost quite a 
bit of performance.


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