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From Nicolas Cannasse <ncanna...@motion-twin.com>
Subject Re: Flex adopting haXe ?
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 16:14:16 GMT
Le 22/02/2012 15:33, ganaraj p r a écrit :
> Thanks Nicolas,
> I was the one who mentioned you in a post and wanted your inputs on "How we
> could go about porting Flex to Haxe?".. I assumed that since you built Haxe
> ( duh! ) and that since Haxe is inspired by AS3, you would be able to
> provide some deep insights into the migration of Flex to Haxe.. If we even
> go ahead with it. These are a few questions that come to my mind..


> 1 ) I know Haxe is a budding and growing community. Has anyone attempted to
> get Flex onto Haxe? In terms of porting! Have you ever considered doing it
> ( Since it seems like a logical step to get more traction into the language
> itself! ) , starting it ?

I think David Arno have thought about doing it. I guess he had some 
issues that I think are currently being resolved.

Not being a Flex user myself, I'm only here to answers questions and 
give you advices if at some time you want to do this port. I'll not 
myself write code.

> 2 ) Can you see any pitfalls of porting this huge mammoth (from the top of
> your head! )?

a) huge codebase with dependencies, takes a while until something 
actually compiles, which need a small team of motivated people to get there

b) find ways to map AS3-specific behaviors into haXe equivalents, but I 
guess this can be resolved with discussions. I can help here.

> 3 )  If we are going to go down the cross compilation route we have
> primarily 2 choices. Dart or Haxe. Why should we choose Haxe over Dart? Can
> you give us any insights and points to choose Haxe over dart? One of them ,
> I can already guess is that Haxe is closer to AS3 than Dart is... Any other
> advantages?

a) haXe is ready, been there for years

b) haXe has a Flash target, Dart doesn't

c) haXe targets mobiles (natively), Dart doesn't

d) haXe is a better language than Dart (IMHO, I guess it depends on your 
personal tastes).

e) haXe favor syntax conservatism (good for the enterprise) : any 
AS3/Java developer can feel comfortable with haXe in a few days.

> 4 ) Its usually the UI which is going to be platform dependent. The logic
> for most of the stuff can easily ported from one Platform to another. Does
> Haxe make you UI agnostic?

The language itself does not help with that.

The API does.

For instance the NME api (from http://haxenme.org) implements all the 
Flash Graphics api (beginFill etc.) and bitmaps, events, etc on native 
platforms such as iOS/Android/Desktop, and JEASH (http://jeash.org) does 
it for JS/HTML5.

haXe enable you to write and improve this kind of libraries.

> I might be wrong but I believe that the Flex community is much larger than
> the community supporting Haxe. So, I personally believe that porting Flex
> onto Haxe should turn out to be a hugely beneficial move in terms of Haxe,
> strategically.

I agree that it would be good for haXe, but I also definitely think it 
would be good for Flex as well. That's what you call a win-win 
relationship I guess ;)

> Anyways thanks for this mail. Its always great to get inputs
> from people like you when we are talking about open source efforts.

You're welcome,


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