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From Martin Heidegger ...@leichtgewicht.at>
Subject Re: Time for an Apache Flex compiler.
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 12:49:09 GMT
Also: There is the haXe compiler that already compiles a AS3 like 
language to swf and javascript.
I guess it would be possible in less than 5 months to add AS3, metadata 
and xml support in that mix.


On 16/02/2012 21:25, Rui Silva wrote:
>> From: "David Arno"<david@davidarno.org>
>> This is not a viable timescale for Apache Flex in my opinion. Therefore
>> I feel we have no choice but to ignore Falcon and to start developing
>> our own compiler with immediate effect. I therefore want to get an idea
>> as to who, if anyone, here is interested in getting involved in this
>> initiative?
>> David.
> Though I'm generally available for any work that this group decides to
> undertake, I really do not see this as a viable solution. Do you truly
> believe that we (considering most of us are Flex developers with little or
> no expertise in compiler development) could come up with a better solution
> in less time than a team of professional compiler developers who have been
> working on it for some time now (even considering that this team has been
> drastically reduced)?
> If so, I'm obviously available to help out in any way I can.
> Best,
> Rui

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