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From Tomasz MaciÄ…g | Fuse Collective <t.mac...@fusecollective.com>
Subject Re: Adobe / Apache / Spoon Flex Tour
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 07:49:22 GMT
W dniu 2012-02-15 19:36, Ariel Jakobovits pisze:
>> Why wouldn't you consider an alternate IDE (Such as IntelliJ or FDT) for long term
> I hear many people are happy using intellij, but when I tried, I found the project properties
and configuration to be lacking compare to what I find in flash builder.
It took me some time to switch, setup everything and get comfortable 
with IntelliJ but just after 2 days of working with it was happy with 
the result and now I'm definitely not planning to get back to FB. It's 
just pure awesome and I'm more productive now then ever. Right now I'm 
using it also for JS/HTML dev and even as editor when working with Flash 

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