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From Martin Heidegger ...@leichtgewicht.at>
Subject Re: [DECISION] Unit Testing and Mocking Frameworks
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 15:21:39 GMT

On 14/02/2012 00:14, Alex Harui wrote:
> My understanding is we should not check in swcs
> Sent from my Motorola ATRIX™ 4G on AT&T
Quote from Apache licensing [1]:

   By including only the object/binary form, there is less exposed 
surface area of the third-party
   work from which a work might be derived; this addresses the second 
guiding principle of this
   policy. By attaching a prominent label to the distribution and 
requiring an explicit action by the
   user to get the reciprocally-licensed source, users are less likely 
to be unaware of restrictions
   significantly different from those of the Apache License; this 
addresses the fourth guiding
   principle of this policy.

That does look a lot like we can include 3rd party libraries if their 
licenses match. Like any other,
ordinary, As3 project. Flex could also use dependencies. Would that be 
so much horror?

I understand that its not favorable but in contrary to core code: These 
3rd party librarys would
only be included to run the framework but to run the tests.


[1] http://www.apache.org/legal/3party.html#category-b

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