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From Tomasz MaciÄ…g | Fuse Collective <t.mac...@fusecollective.com>
Subject Re: Starting with the Whiteboard Code
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2012 09:00:57 GMT
W dniu 2012-02-09 19:52, Martin Heidegger pisze:
> 1) A framework that produces awesome(in other words new!) experiences: 
> Great design, super interactivity. Its enough if they are published 
> like minimalcomps: without CSS or anything. Just so people see Apache 
> Flex is coooooll and they want that on their device.
> 2) A framework that offers seamless integration in Windows 8, Android 
> and iOS.
> Both of these ways are sufficient as experiments to gain traction.
> So: I saw a lot of designers participating in the Logo contest. I 
> think that is our strength: How about a UI Next design&concept contest 
> (without votes). It might bring us some publicity and actually good 
> ideas of where the travel should go :) Whoever wants could start 
> implementing the design either in Spark or Flex Next.
> yours
> Martin.

I think it's a great idea. Maybe we could start another topic about 
that. Designing something cool that will show possible future for flex 
components could help changing the trend of people moving towards HTML/JS.
This don't necessary mean a need to design complete component but maybe 
just concept/wireframe that could be used by designers for further work.

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