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From João Saleiro <joao.sale...@webfuel.pt>
Subject Creating Working Groups [Was: Apache Flex suggestion - dumping SWF support in favor of HTML5 - listen to Steve]
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 10:17:25 GMT

On 06-02-2012 09:54, David Arno wrote:
> I struggle with this philosophy. The idea of spending time writing code to
> then find out whether people like the idea is very alien to me.

I would suggest the creation "working groups" attached to different 
initiatives related to Apache Flex. I'm sure yet how much how like this 
idea, but considering how big the SDK is, the amount of teamwork and 
cooperation needed, and the big number of different initiatives that 
will appear (some complementing each other, others completely 
disruptive), I would suggest we could arrange a solution that would help 
us organize better - creating a working group per initiative could help.
What do I mean by an initiaive? (Fictional) Examples: (1) building the 
next minor version of the SDK (2) building the next major version of the 
SDK/adding framework-level DI (3) building from scratch a new simpler 
SDK meant for exporting to javascript (4) implementing missing Spark 
components (5) creating a Spark Scheduling framework (6) [....]

Existing initiatives would be listed in a page on the wiki ("Currently 
we're working on:") and each one would have:

(1) a wiki section used by that working group to document progress, 
specifications, etc
(2) a list of the people that are/were involved in that initiative
(3) an area in the whiteboard for sharing code that would be imported to 
the trunk after accepted
(4) a specific subject [TAG] so it could help everyone organizing the 
Mailing List in topics. Another option would be a different Mailing List 
for each initiative - it would reduce the S/N level but then it wouldn't 
enable coordination between initiatives

Also, while we wait to have everything in our side, I think we could be 
doing some progress in:

(1) completing the missing Spark components (Carol, could you share them 
in the whiteboard?)
(2) doing some research on what would be needed to create a version of 
the SDK meant for cross-compiling to JS. In other words, creating a 
checklist what would and wouldn't work, what are the risks, what 
features of HTML could we take advantage of, how could we change Spark 
architecture so it was optimized for HTML, what to do with embedded 
assets, etc

Just my two cents.

João Saleiro

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