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From Alexandre Madurell <alexandre.madur...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Apache Flex suggestion - dumping SWF support in favor of HTML5 - listen to Steve
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2012 20:39:41 GMT
On 2/5/2012 7:12 PM, Omar Gonzalez wrote:
> On Sunday, February 5, 2012, Doug McCune<doug@dougmccune.com>  wrote:
>>> Just a final sentence: We are in 2012, and nothing changed. HTML5/JS/CSS
>>> stack continues with the same problems and is inferior to what Flex/Flash
>>> give us. I think 2013 will be again the same...
>> This is incredibly false and shortsighted. In the HTML/JS world an
>> INCREDIBLE amount changed in 2012. There was a huge amount of momentum
>> around microarchitecture frameworks, Backbone, KnockoutJS, AngularJS,
>> BatmanJS, and on and on. Frameworks that also include many UI component
>> pieces, such as jQuery, the recently updated Twitter Bootstrap, Sencha's'
>> ExtJS, etc. Coffeescript surged in popularity, which addresses many of the
>> "JS sucks" arguments that Flash devs often have. NodeJS kept chugging
>> along, becoming an actual option for a production server written in JS
> (and
>> of course you can also write your server code with Coffeescript on top of
>> Node). JetBrains WebStorm now offers a solid JavaScript IDE. Areas that
>> have traditionally been dominated by Flash, like data visualization, are
>> being challenged by powerful JS libraries like D3.js (for charting and
>> data-viz), and polymaps (for geographic mapping), and WebGL content has
>> made impressive advances with libraries like Three.JS.
>> Saying nothing changed means you haven't been paying attention. HTML/JS is
>> changing faster than almost any other technology stack out there at the
>> moment. It has more momentum and developer interest than almost any other
>> technology stack. DO NOT write it off as being inferior.
> ^^^
> Quoted for emphasis.
> -omar
With all due respect (as I acknowledge Doug is right about how much JS 
has evolved, and its momentum and developer interest), read this for 
still valid arguments on the "inferiority" of JavaScript (as 
Just-In-Time on-the-fly compiled source code) vs. ActionScript (as 
Ahead-Of-Time pre-compiled byte-code):


Having said that, every developer should learn as many languages and 
alternatives as possible for his/her own good. Knowing other 
languages/frameworks can only help improve those to which we can 
contribute to.


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