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From Jeffry Houser <jef...@dot-com-it.com>
Subject [Discuss] Logo Choices
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 15:25:41 GMT

On 2/3/2012 10:11 AM, Carol Frampton wrote:
> I just showed the logo to the half of the Falcon team that sits next to
> me.  They liked the multi-color one the best but did say it looked like
> Windows and Google.
  I agree; which is why I'm against using that logo.  I think the 
leaning towards the multi-color version is also a move away from 
uniqueness requirement that a logo is supposed to have.
  To me it seems closer to the Windows logo than the Google Chrome 
logo.  But, the color choices in all three seem very similar.

> Another comment was the red looked like Adobe since
> it is the Adobe corporate color which makes me think that red would not be
> a good color to chose.
  A Valid consideration.  If memory serves me, a requirement of the 
original contest was to avoid similarity to Adobe.  If everyone wants 
the multi-colored version; and it actually is using the Adobe logo 
color, I think that should be removed / changed.

Jeffry Houser
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