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From Keith Sutton <ke...@spoon.as>
Subject Re: Apache Flex logo colors - Flex Tour
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 17:51:15 GMT
This is a very good point especially when you consider that there will 
be a Flex Tour happening through Feb-Apr in which we hope to reach not 
only the Flex developer community (100k-600k depending on who you talk 
to) which includes A LOT of end-customer organizations. The 
image/message that is delivered in the next few months could go a long 
way to setting the stage for Flex going forward.

On 2/2/2012 9:31 AM, Amine Rahmouni wrote:
> probably this will not please lot of people but IMHO, I think we should
> discuss this further and take our time, thanks a lot for the work you’re
> doing fuse, but can we just have a second thought on that please? we
> shouldn't run to the vote that quick or even be afraid from thinking about
> other options.
> I've worked long enough in the Advertising industry to know how much the
> Logo is important, everyone knows that but it's really more crucial than we
> imagine, and this level of decisions is actually harder than choosing the
> logo proposition itself.
> I've also been there long enough to know that the appreciation is very
> subjective and we may miss a lot of angles because we're blinded most of
> the time by the first impression flash (ironic I know), but in the other
> hand and beyond the artistry there are a lot of rules and conventions to
> enhance the appreciation and evaluate it, especially when the marketing
> comes to make things more complicated cause the strategy is pretty delicate
> as it concerns a product that is in some kind of crisis and have things to
> prove and a particular image to reflect as this logo could seem renaissance
> as well as a desperate last shot!!
> here is my suggestion now, may take some time and may seem complicated but
> here it is anyway
> the email format is scattering the ideas too much and some good points are
> getting lost in the noise
> so what if some Art or Creative Directors from the community made an
> argumentary for both options with pros and cons? (from an AD POV) some sort
> of a document (shared Google Doc maybe?) that we'll enrich to get most of
> the angles and have a bigger picture with a more wise POV
> and I'm sure there will be a lot of aha moments and thoughts like, "I
> didn't see that one, but know that you're pointing it out! well .....?"
> so pleeeeeeeease logo is in fact big deal and we should take enough time to
> make decisions
> and again thanks Fuse for all the good job
> 2012/2/2 Brent Arnold<brent@brentarnold.com>
>> I'm a big fan of contests myself...
>> :-P
>> On 2/2/12 10:16 AM, David Arno wrote:
>>> From: Omar Gonzalez [mailto:omarg.developer@gmail.**com<omarg.developer@gmail.com>
>>>> ]
>>>> Sent: 02 February 2012 17:10
>>>> ...Then we can discuss color palettes until we're blue in the face.
>>> I propose a separate logo mailing list be created! ;)
>>> Could the PPMC just vote on it (in private?) and then tell us the result
>>> please?
>>> David.

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