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From Conrad Winchester <con...@chiwestern.com>
Subject Re: Apache Flex suggestion - dumping SWF support in favor of HTML5 - don't listen to Steve!
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 06:49:18 GMT
You want a decent IDE for flex on linux? How about one that's a million times better than Flash
Builder, and cheaper :-)

Intellij Idea

Haven't used Flash Builder for about two years now.

Conrad WInchester
On 11 Feb 2012, at 15:52, Nicholas Kwiatkowski wrote:

> To say there is no technical reason why those products take so long to be
> produced on the Linux platform, that is a bit short-sighted.
> First off, while Linux users account for 60% of the tech news I read, they
> only really account for 2% of the desktop/laptop market-share.  1996 - 2011
> was always supposed to be the year of the "linux desktop", but it never
> happened.. This, to begin with is a show-stopper for most companies trying
> to make money.
> The other major problem is the instability of anything graphics within
> Linux.  Do we make binaries that target X11?  XFree86?  The next thing on
> the block?  Gnome?  KDE?   Oh?  None of those give us access to the GPU
> through some common API or driver stack?   Oh, half of the graphics drivers
> don't even expose the GPU?   When they do they are broken?   What? the OSS
> kids decided to make the API different because they wanted it to be
> different than the closed-source version the vendor provided?   At least
> other platforms like BSD / Solaris / etc are not nearly as bad as this.
> If you build your tools on a platform like Eclipse, you leverage a LOT of
> work that others have already done -- but there are still some major
> differences between the Mac/Win/Linux versions of Eclipse.  Again, if you
> don't care about graphics, it is not a big deal, but if you want to do
> something as simple as the Design view, it becomes much harder.
> Adobe at one time stated that they didn't push forward with a Linux version
> of Flash Builder because they would have needed to write a new licensing
> engine.  They did the math, and decided that if they would have to charge
> for the product, most people won't pay for it (who pays for Linux software?
> really?).  Heck, people won't install close-source software when it is
> free, because that isn't the Linux way!   Just look at how much guff Adobe
> for for their Flash Player they published (and wouldn't OS it).
> I personally would like to see a descent Flex IDE that works under Linux,
> but I'm not holding my breath for somebody else to create it for me.  Heck,
> just getting a Linux compiler back would be a huge step forward.  But I
> also know it would be on the OSS community and us to do it -- and I doubt
> we will see that anytime soon.
> -Nick
> On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 5:50 PM, Timothy Jones
> <Timothy.Jones@syniverse.com>wrote:
>> Just my two cents...
>> As a Linux user and developer, I have always hated how the Linux Flash
>> runtime is always seems to be a few releases behind Adobe's Windows and Mac
>> versions, how Adobe's content creation tools (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CS3,
>> and even Flex Builder) aren't available on Linux AT ALL.   It took Adobe
>> FOREVER to produce a decent 64-bit Linux build of Flash.  Seeing as how Mac
>> OS is both Darwin/BSD AND Intel 64-bit-based, there is no technical reason
>> it should have taken so long.
>> I joined this list because my team at work already has a significant
>> investment in Flex, and finally Flex has an opportunity to realize its true
>> potential as a fully open-source technology under Apache's guidance.  I
>> will be very happy to see any progress Flex makes away from Flash.  If that
>> means moving towards HTML5/js, that's even better.  And it's not because
>> Steve Jobs said so.
>> The end goal I want to see is to see a complete Flex development
>> environment that runs on any FreeBSD/Linux distro, produces content that
>> runs in Chrome/Firefox/any-other-modern-browser, (yes, also on Linux) and
>> requires not a single executable byte from adobe.com. I'll be happy to
>> help test Apache Flex on many variants of that configuration for you. :-)
>> tlj

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