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From Tink <f...@tink.ws>
Subject Re: First Flex release as soon as possible? (was: So, what should we do first?)
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 18:42:56 GMT
Hey Mike

It would be great to work with you on this stuff, and navigators would be a good starting

Can I suggest we download each others code and examples, then try and get together on Skype
video or something next Fri, when we've had some time to look at the code, then come back
to the list with some sort of proposal.

If so I'll send u my IM details off list.


Michael Schmalle <mike@teotigraphix.com> wrote:

>Not to beat a dead horse here but by far dealing with the Navigators,  
>Tink has put more time into his navigator frameworks than I.
>Like I said, I made them 2 years ago for a single purpose and that was  
>applications I was making. As some of you can see I put my time into  
>some other considerable open source projects dealing with AS3 and  
>I would like to stay on the good side of Tink because I think we can  
>develop some great components in the future. We definitely have two  
>different styles which will be very beneficial down the road in my  
>opinion. :)
>He went for the more data centric abstraction where I stuck more to  
>what I was familiar with at the time.
>Tink, I would love help get that stuff passed for review if you know  
>of anything that needs work. As well, maybe think of implementing a  
>couple of the things like close policy if yours don't have it.
>What do you think Tink? :)
>> I guess I'd like to put my navigators forward for review as well  
>> then  to. They include...
>> Navigator, DataNavigator, NavigatorGroup, DataNavigatorGroup
>> ...which are all ISelectableLists so can be used as dataProviders to  
>>  ButtonBars (so you can easily make a TabNavigator) and can use any  
>> of  the following layouts...
>> StackLayout, CarouselLayout, CoverflowLayout & AccordionLayout.
>> The layouts can also be used with any other component in the SDK  
>> that  layouts can be set on.
>> Examples
>> http://www.tink.ws/blog/spark-datanavigators/
>> http://www.tink.ws/blog/flex-4-navigator/
>> http://www.tink.ws/blog/coverflowlayout/
>> http://www.tink.ws/blog/carousellayout/
>> http://www.tink.ws/blog/accordion-dataaccordion/
>> http://www.tink.ws/blog/accordionlayout/
>> Also have a MenuBar that hooks up to them
>> http://www.tink.ws/blog/menubar/
>> Source
>> https://github.com/tinklondon/tink_flash_platform
>> Presentation
>> http://www.lfpug.com/flex-navigators/
>> Tink
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