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From Erik Lundgren <e...@lndgrn.se>
Subject Re: FLEX Logo Sketch
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 21:48:40 GMT
> does it look good scaled down and in grayscale?

Hi Peter, Jonathan & Jun

Thanks for your input!

Up until recently I only made simple logos with few colors. This design is indeed complex,
built on fine grained shades in color. Why?

In my day-to-day-work I've found out that information technologies actually are good enough
to cheaply cope with complex designs.

The ordinary office-printer prints complex logos beautifully. Logos can be deployed to big
buildings in multicolor to the same price as binary black/white.

To me its important that a logo delivers its best value in its main medium. Our main medium
is the digital screen, a medium where complexity are handled beautifully and where I believe
visual richness actually are expected.

Still there may be valid concerns regarding the design.

I've tried to scale the logo to say width 200 px. Works fine if you do some work making sure
edges are pixel aligned.

The thing I'm most worried about is the "horizontal" orientation of the sketch. How to make
a twitter avatar out of it? How to make a favorite-icon? That may need some work, or a brand
new design.

I don't worry to much about the complexity of the logos design. Information technology is
on our side!

What I worry about the most is this: Does it capture our vision for the work we're about to
do? Does it make me passionate? Would it make other people passionate about our work?


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