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From Tink <f...@tink.ws >
Subject Re: ActionScript and Apache Flex
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 19:12:01 GMT
On 10 Jan 2012, at 09:21, Raju Bitter wrote:

> How does the evolution of ActionScript relate to Apache Flex? If the
> ActionScript standard would change - and the language would be
> extended or modified - who would be making that decision? Is there an
> "official standard" of the language available to the public, and what
> are Adobe's plans for ActionScript?
> Adobe has a trademark on ActionScript. The Mozilla Tamarin page says:
> "ActionScriptâ„¢ is the name used for Adobe's implementation of the
> language specification.Adobe is in the process of developing a
> licensing program that will allow developers, whose code passes a
> designated test suite, to say that their application or implementation
> is ActionScript-compliant.
> http://www-archive.mozilla.org/projects/tamarin/
> I know that the Tamarin project has not been continued, but is the
> information on this page regarding ActionScript still valid?
> If that is still valid, it means that an open source implementation of
> an ActionScript would have to be licensed by Adobe to be compliant.
> ActionScript itself doesn't seem to have a license attached to it (I
> could not find any information), but maybe the information is hidden
> somewhere.
> It would be good to have some clarification on the status of
> ActionScript, the trademark, the licensing of an open source
> implementation, etc.
> - Raju

This could be a crazy idea, but how about us moving to Haxe? This has  
an active OS community, compiles to multiple platforms already meaning  
that Flex wouldn't be dependent on Adobe anymore.

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