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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: And with svn commit: r1234192...
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2012 00:13:56 GMT

On 1/20/12 3:59 PM, "Michael Schmalle" <mike@teotigraphix.com> wrote:

> Alex, I'm just trying to get this straight in my head, the whiteboard
> code is there so we can start doing things right? Are you then when
> you get the SVN history dumping code into the trunk or is that only
> for release code.
> I swear this was brought up so excuse me if it's already been talked
> about, just to much info the last week. :)
At minimum, we want other folks to see if they can follow the instructions
and build an app from this code, just to make sure we didn't screw something
up.  You will also see what got cleared legally (automation isn't in there)
so you can get a better sense of what will be changeable in the short term.

Getting JIRA and SVN history and legal clearance for the compiler is proving
to take much longer than expected, so maybe it is worth trying to cut an
official release from this folder.  I'm open to opinions on this.

And if we decide to do that, then after that, a few changes can probably be
taken and another release cut, but I would advise against anything that will
be painful to manually merge back to the trunk.  We still want to get the
trunk in with history, but we want to let you folks get started as well.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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