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From Carol Frampton <cfram...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: jira task to decide on Apache Flex version number needed
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 18:12:29 GMT
We have been discussing this recently here at Adobe.
We have an open action item to figure out what process we want to use to
get code changes made to Adobe Flex over to Apache Flex.


On 1/18/12 1 :08PM, "Nicholas Kwiatkowski" <nicholas@spoon.as> wrote:

>I would expect Adobe to make any patches, security or otherwise, to the
>Apache codebase and release based on that.  That way we don't get an Adobe
>fork of the framework that has different code, different features or
>different security configurations.  If these changes are made here, then
>there will be no reason to reserve any version numbers -- they would be
>in-line with what the /community/ is working on.
>I realize that you have support contracts with existing customers, but
>these changes NEED to happen in the Apache SVN.  Again, if a bug is
>squashed on the Adobe side, and the community is working on the same
>we are all wasting our time (and later the merges will eventually become
>On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 12:04 PM, Carol Frampton <cframpto@adobe.com>
>> On 1/18/12 12 :01PM, "Omar Gonzalez" <omarg.developer@gmail.com> wrote:
>> >I think we have to assume there
>> >will be a security fix that Adobe will need to apply to 4.6.x at some
>> >point
>> >eventually, no?
>> Yes.  Adobe is not planning a 4.6.x release but you need to leave them
>> space to do that if there is a need for one.
>> I don't think Apache should use 4.6 or 4.6.x for that reason.
>> Carol

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