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From Wael Jammal <w...@rsnewmedia.co.uk>
Subject Re: Where should people ask basic development questions?
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 11:07:37 GMT
I would be happy to contribute a forum to the community, I have several
dedicated servers I could run it on one of them and give admin access to
the forums/db to selected contributors.


On 11/01/2012 09:51, "Peter Elst" <peter.elst@gmail.com> wrote:

>> Stackoverflow might actually be the preferred platform, no?
>A bit confused what we are talking about - do we want to promote
>stackoverflow, etc. as "official" help resources? I personally don't think
>that should happen, the flex-user list will be what people have available
>here when there are Apache Flex releases.
>Apart from that people just go to whatever community resources they want.
>- Peter

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