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From Doug Arthur <dougart...@gmail.com>
Subject [VOTE Results] Logo Contest
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2012 03:53:38 GMT
Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay, my schedule has not given me the time to post
this until now.

The Logo contest has come to a conclusion, and we have a winner.
Congratulations to Tomasz Maciag (#42) for his submission, as his logo
will become the new image of Apache Flex. As stated before, we have
had a great number of submissions, and a lot of talent from that. We
saw many logo's from author's all over the world, and it amazes me of
the talent we have in this community. So with that deserves a big
thank you, to everyone who submitted and voted for a logo, for your
support and contributions to the future success of Apache Flex.

Here are the numbers (A pdf [1] has been made available with the full results.):

[2] #42:
  Total:             77 Votes
  Community:    61 *
  PPMC:           16 *

[3] #49:
  Total:             49 Votes
  Community:    44
  PPMC:           5

This contest marks a great milestone for the direction we are heading
with Apache Flex as a community. There were a lot of great discussions
during the contest, and some were even harder than others (Especially
now that I can never look at the Amazon logo the same again - thanks
Randy Troppmann!), but in the end, the community came together with
the PPMC Members, and showed that we can do this together. This is a
great accomplishment. Some would say it's just a logo, but really it's
more than a logo, it's a brand and image that defines how users will
look at Apache Flex.

Again, congratulations to everyone who submitted a logo, and a special
congratulations to the two that went head to head: Tomasz Maciag &
Julien Brehier.

Tomasz Maciag's logo will appear as the new Apache Logo (As stated in
the contest rules [4], tweaks will be allowed [5] now that the contest
has been finalized. )
Julien Brehier's will get credit for his logo somewhere on our site
(TBD), permanently.

[1] http://people.apache.org/~dougarthur/apache_flex_logo_votes_round2.pdf
[2] http://s.apache.org/af-logo-42
[3] http://s.apache.org/af-logo-49
[4] http://incubator.apache.org/flex/logo-contest.html
[5] Note: The design as accepted by popular vote will be treated as a
proposal that can be tweaked and cemented into it's final published

Best to all,
Doug Arthur

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