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From Ryan Frishberg <fri...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: First Flex release as soon as possible? (was: So, what should we do first?)
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 14:20:28 GMT

It sounds like a good idea to do a simple release and keep messaging
clear about it.

As a next step, and to keep commits simple, I think working towards a
4.7 bug fix-only release might also be a good idea. I like the
enthusiasm on the list for broad changes, but I am just worried about
some of them :). I think concentrating on doing less controversial bug
fixes will help us figure out the commit/review process with less
disagreements about the direction of the SDK to start with.

@Bertrand, with regards to voting, does that mean we shouldn't respond
with "+1" unless the title of the thread is "[VOTE]".  If something
comes up in a thread that requires a vote, should we always create a
separate "[VOTE]" thread for that issue?


On 05/01/2012, Carol Frampton <cframpto@adobe.com> wrote:
>>Creating it will IMO be a very useful exercise for this podling, and
>>it will be an important milestone towards graduating Flex.
> +1.  I am the person who has been modifying the build files and source
> tree for the last couple of weeks in preparation for getting the code over
> to Apache.  Because of some of the thirdparty issues there are changes.  I
> think it is a very wise idea to go thru an entire release cycle before any
> real code changes have been made to make sure we transitioned everything
> correctly and we understand the release process.

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